Thursday, June 30, 2011

You Think He Can Do It???

I show chickens at 4-H...well I haven't showed any yet (it's a long story but I'll tell it to you anyways).

Here it goes, last year I signed up for fitting and showing poultry. I attended every meeting with my silkie chicken, Liquorice. I even bathed her, but my mom forgot to bring her to the fairgrounds on the chicken due date. That was it for showing my chicken that year.
So that's why this year I'm starting fresh with a new chicken. His name's Mudflap, and I know a lot about him. Here's what I know about Mudflap:

Class: American

Breed: Wyandotte

Coloration: Splash laced red

That's all I know about him.

He's going to be showed in August.
Do you think he could do it???


  1. He is real pretty. I think he can put in a good showing.

  2. That is a beautiful chicken! Yes, I do think he can do it and that you will do a great job showing him!

    Lana from

  3. Emma, I'm just popin' in to say 'howdy' and see how life is goin' for ya!

    Have a blessed and happy day sweetie!!!

  4. That rooster is beautiful! I love the chicks in your previous blog! I can't wait to see how your projects progress. I was in 4-H and showed cattle and horses. It was worth the time and effort.